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2021 Senior Portfolio Capstone Art Shows

2021 Senior Portfolio Capstone Art Shows
Jun 3 2021

Please enjoy this compilation of artwork that shows the growth and development of three SJND students. Featuring works by Makena Mastora, Kelly Carlson, and Ellie Chareonsuphiphat. 


Makena Mastora's Artist Statement


Over the course of my education here at SJND, I was able to find the type of art that I wanted further pursue. I was able to work with different types of media, until I realized that I wanted to dive deeper into photography and learn more about the techniques. Specifically, I wanted to explore taking portraits of people and that can be seen in my later works. I fell in love with being able to show my subjects the beauty within themselves that they weren’t used to seeing before.


Kelly Carlson's Artist Statement


Over these past four years of highschool, I have learned so much as an artist from simple sketches to mixed media masterpieces. I started out learning the basics of drawing and sketching through the examination of figures and their proportions. This bagan to progress into more as I started to learn more about color, values, shades, and more. Through my two years of AP Art class, I have transformed so much through my pieces and their meanings. I started off Pre-Ap art with my focus on animals and marine life. I explored the many aspects of what makes up these concentrations. As I went through to the next year in Senior Portfolio, I have learned that I am very interested in drawing faces and paying attention to fine detail. Furthermore, I explored the many parts of drawing faces such as proportions, shapes, shading, and depth.


Ellie Chareonsuphiphat's Artist Statement


Coming into SJND as a freshmen, I was excited to be apart of the VAPA arts program and taking art classes to develop my skills. Initially, I was only comfortable with writing calligraphy for my art projects, and utilizing color pencils and pastels for my projects. But through the guidance of Mr. Ritter and Mr. Fuoco I was able to develop skills with new medias such as acrylic, watercolor, tempera and photography. Some of the most formative classes to my artistic development was my Art 2: Drawing and Painting class where we learned painting and drawing techniques. These added skills later served me as I participated in spirit week projects, designing t-shirts  and my own personal projects for art class. One of my proudest progressions as an artist is being able to draw and paint people, because before learning these skills to draw my subjects, I only drew inanimate objects.




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