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Bring your own Computer

Bring your own Computer
Feb 16 2021

The goal of one-to-one technology at SJND is to assure student access to online curriculum resources while we prepare them to successfully use technology in their college education and in life. All SJND students are required to own and bring a personal computer that meets the minimum system specifications outlined below.  The computer is expected to be named with the user’s first and last name for network identification.  The school will identify the computer name and MAC address of the machine in August.  For more information about our BYOC program and our Responsible Use Policy, please view our FAQ page at sjnd.org/bring-your-own-computer.


Expected Hardware Specifications

  • Laptop computer (Microsoft Windows based or Apple MacBooks)
  • 13 inch screen or greater
  • Wireless network access
  • Battery with a four hour run time
  • Battery charger
  • Headphone jack
  • Built in or external video camera
  • Built in microphone or microphone jack
  • 1 USB port and/or Mac USB dongle
  • 1 USB flash drive, 4 Gb capacity or greater (recommended)

Expected Software Specifications

  • Current Operating system for your machine (Windows 10, OS X 10.9 Mavericks and forward)
  • Google’s Chrome web browser is preferred as best interface with the Google Apps.
  • An up-to-date antivirus program is required to access our school network.
  • Word processing, presentations and spreadsheets are made through Google Apps, which require no software installation. OpenOffice can be downloaded for free and is very similar to Microsoft Word, and Apple’s iWork Suite is free on all Mac computers.
  • The school will require the installation of management software such as LockDown Browser.

Not Recommended

  • Tablets (iPads, Galaxy Pro, etc)
    • Working exclusively with a tablet is very difficult because of their limited software and file management.  They are not recommended for regular school use at this time.
  • Chromebooks
    • Chromebooks do not run all the software a student might be required to use, such as LockDown Browser which we use  for our online assessments, nor does it run the Adobe software provided to our students in the media art classes and other classes.


Email Mr. Andy McKee, Director of Integration and Technology, if you have any questions
regarding your laptop choice: amckee@sjnd.org

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