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Get to Know Lucy Lopez, Director of Advancement

Get to Know Lucy Lopez, Director of Advancement
Jul 29 2021

The SJND community welcomes our new director of advancement, Lucy Lopez. After a vibrant career in corporate tech, Lucy joins SJND from All Saints Catholic School. We sat down to chat with her about her new role and what she loves about SJND. Here are the five things you should know about our new director of advancement! 

A few of Lucy’s favorite things:

  1. People...I love meeting people and being involved in the community. 
  2. I am a pretty big baseball fan. Anytime you want to talk about the game, especially the Giants, you’re in great company.  I've also become a very big musical theater fan. My daughter has taught me a lot about that world. This is her passion which means it’s mine too!
  3. My two obnoxious and lovable labradors, Jessie and Rex.  They’re a handful and there’s never a day when they don't cause a ruckus, but I love those crazy pups beyond words.

lucy lopez

Lucy (second from left) with her family.

What she hopes to accomplish at SJND:

“To help SJND grow...next level, develop the next generation of philanthropists, and to help more families give their children, not only an SJND education, but also have their children experience what my daughter is experiencing...one of the best times in her life.  I love what I do and why I do what I do....the students.  I am also very passionate about serving and growing awareness for the school within the community and beyond.  I want everyone I meet to know, and feel, how awesome this place is.”

Why she loves the SJND community:

"There are so many reasons why I love SJND. I can go on and on if you let me. I fell head over heels when our family first toured here in 2017. When I’m on campus, I am at peace. I absolutely feel the Lord here. Regardless of when or if you attended, you’re a part of a family here. It’s like that feeling you get when you’re safe at home with your family….all is right in the world."

On what makes SJND special: 

"So many things make SJND special. We're one of the few Catholic high schools that has a Basilica on site. How special is that? I believe the Basilica is a significant reason why this community is one of a kind.  From the students, educators, counselors, facilities, front office, back office, volunteers, alumni, donors...they make SJND special.  I’ve witnessed how much they all love our students and our home."

Lucy’s working style:

"I am a helper by nature and I have a lot of energy so I’d say my style is a fun and supportive one. I surround myself with positive energy and strive to make every day a great day. I am extremely grateful for all my blessings so I work hard to give back by serving in some capacity."

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