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How to Order your School Lunch

How to Order your School Lunch
Mar 18 2021

We are excited to partner with the Epicurean Group to provide delicious and nutritious food to our students.  ​Our school lunches will be prepared and packaged offsite to maintain the highest level of health and safety.  All meals are packaged and labeled according to HACCP standards, in compostable packaging. Please give Epicurean your feedback via sjnd@epicurean-group.com.  If you think your questions might be specific to SJND please reach out to Kris Venturini at kventurini@sjnd.org who can also assist you.

Epicurean states that their "primary concern is the health and well-being of the students, campus community, and employees."

Epicurean Group and Saint Joseph Notre Dame have partnered with MyMealOrder.com to bring you a simple, seamless online ordering experience for lunch this school year.

One major change this is that you must order your lunch for the next week by THURSDAY.  You can order your lunches for the entire month in advance but all orders for the following week must be placed by midnight on the Thursday prior. 

Lunches will be served Monday - Friday via a pre-order process only and can be purchased for $7.50/lunch. No day of purchases will be available. There will be an option this year to add a piece of fresh fruit or fruit cup for $9.00 or to purchase ala cart fruit for $1.95.

If you ordered the delicious Epicurean lunches last year, please note that they are using a new ordering system so please create your student’s account using these instructions.


How to Order your School Lunch

1. Go to mymealorder.com and select “Login in here”

2. Select “Create a free account”

3. Select “California” and “Saint Joseph Notre Dame” as your district from the dropdown menus in the first account creation page

4. Fill in the rest of your information (for the parent, not the student), and continue on to the third part of account creation

5. Add your student(s) information to your account

6. Check out the menu, and select items on the days of the week you would like to purchase food for

7. Once your cart is loaded up, select the cart button on the top right to begin the checkout process

8. Pay using Credit, Debit or ACH to check out.

We appreciate you using this online system as a way for us to provide fantastic, nourishing food to your community.

Epicurean will commit to having the next month’s menu up for review by the 16th of the month. Meals will need to be ordered by THURSDAY at midnight of the week prior. (So be sure to plan ahead!)

Please note that this ordering system will charge a service fee of $1.50 for transactions between $.01 - $35 and 4.45% after that. So the more you order at once the less fees you will pay.

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