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New Vice Principal Position Announced

New Vice Principal Position Announced
Jan 14 2021

Over the past several months, we have been assessing the operations and structure of our school to ensure we are able to best serve our students and community. In our current organizational structure, the principal oversees all the teaching and learning, finance, advancement, fundraising, and enrollment.  

In many Catholic schools the administrative, external, and financial matters are handled by one role and the curricular, co-curricular, and day-to-day operations by another. Historically SJND has combined both of these aspects of school governorship into the principal position. As part of our school’s continued growth and evolution, and to create more efficiency and effectiveness, we will dissolve the two current assistant principal positions and create a vice principal position for the the 2021-22 academic year. 

Why are we adding a vice principal position? 

Adding a vice principal position will allow the principal to focus on long-term goals and overall vision for the school, while the vice principal will add support to the overall day-to-day operations. The Principal oversees the financial stewardship of the school, ensuring the viability and future growth of departments and programs. This careful tailoring of the two positions will allow each individual to give a more meticulous and specialized focus on their role’s functions.

How does this change what’s currently happening at the school? 

The structure currently has the assistant principal of academics overseeing all academic components of the school and the assistant principal of student life overseeing all the co-curricular programs. In the new model, the vice principal will oversee the majority of both programs (please reference the organizational chart). 

SJND Org Chart 2.0 (1)
Who will we be hiring and when? 

The position will remain on our school website until filled and is open to all qualified applicants, internal, and external. The start date for the position will be July 1, 2021. 


The addition of a vice principal will help propel our school forward by reallocating time and resources to where they will most benefit our students and community. We are excited for this shift for our school and are hopeful for our future. 

To learn more about our vice principal position, visit our careers page.

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