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SJND's We Club: How "WE" Respond to Community Hardship

SJND's We Club: How
Nov 12 2021

The WE Club was started by the WE organization with the intention of empowering students globally to identify social issues, explore solutions and reflect on their experiences. WE strives to inspire students through education on these local and global issues, sparking conversations between classmates, then determining what students are passionate about. In result, the organization presents students with the advancement in skills including resilience, empathy, and problem-solving.

The SJND WE Club organized a beach cleanup as their first service project of the year on October 15th at Crown Memorial Beach. 

boys cleaning up trash-1

With the help of 14 students and four staff members, the group walked from the SJND campus to the beach, picking up trash along the way. The WE Club’s mission is to recognize and respond to hardships within the local community through an immersive, hands-on community service experience. 

Sarah Lisanti, an 11th grader, is the president of the WE Club at SJND. Lisanti has been a member since last year and participated in the Pilot Presents Program as well as the Lenten Clothing Drive. Although her experience as a member of the club was impacted by the pandemic, Lisanti is most enthused about creating an opportunity for the students of SJND to be involved in the community through service. In addition to giving a platform to the students to become advocates in service projects, they’re passionate about. According to Lisanti, “Many of our members are passionate about caring for the earth, and we wanted to create an opportunity for students to take action on issues that are important to them.”  

This year the We Club has big plans for its members and the community. They are planning to organize monthly service projects to gain experience in the various aspects of community service. The We Club is open for suggestions for future projects from the community! If you have any suggestions, comment down below!

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