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Student Artwork up for Auction

Student Artwork up for Auction
Apr 30 2021

Select pieces of student art are auctioned off to raise funds for the school. These limited run works of art are available to purchase here (auction closes May 8). Please find the work of art accompanied by the artist's statement and photograph. 

standing alone by sara wheeler

"Standing Alone" by Sara Wheeler

This piece was one of the first ones I painted when the lockdown happened in March 2020. It was inspired by the isolation I felt alone in my room. The background imitates the chaos that swirled around me during that time, and the pose of the figure conveys a dispirited and forlorn mood.

sara wheelerSara Wheeler class of 2021

ARitter Beyond Infinite"Beyond Infinite" by Amelie Ritter

The idea for this piece was to illustrate the personal exploration of the mind when we detach from our current reality and take time to look within ourselves and question our perception and relationship to the universe. As someone who tends to analyze and enjoys exploring existential questions, I like taking these moments to ground myself and realize the bigger picture. Especially this past year there has been a lot of time to reflect on our lives, and in many cases allow ourselves to grow and rediscover ourselves.

amelie ritter

Amelie Ritter class of 2021

dewdrops by george jensen"Dewdrops" by George Jensen

The idea for this piece was to capture the beauty of the agave and watching how it captures and holds water. There is beauty and tranquility in the moment, it was a calming scene for me in a world full of noise and distraction. I also loved seeing how nature has evolved to allow these succulents to perfectly funnel water to their core and hold that water in an arid climate like ours.

IMG_8295George Jensen class of 2023

desolate city by ceci perez"Desolate City" by Ceci Pérez

In this piece, I wanted to explore the theme and feeling of abandonment through landscapes and buildings. I illustrated the silhouette of a person walking down the street of a barren city. I found different ways to portray the lack of maintenance, like the faded signs and the tattered curved awning. I wanted to show that buildings and objects are not immune to the passage of time.

IMG_0394Ceci Pérez class of 2022

long road ahead andy pan"Long Road Ahead" by Andy Pan

Located in the heart of the beautiful city of San Francisco, a long street named after the state stands alone surrounded by all types of buildings. The road, like the journey of life, does not have a clear ending or finishing line, only a path to follow until the very end. As one follows the path of life, they will encounter new excitements. Big buildings, small buildings, colorful buildings, big cars, small cars, colorful cars, the amount to look forward to is never-ending in the journey of life.

IMG_6724Andy Pan Class of 2023

precision by skyler johnson"Precision" by Skylar Johnson

For this image, I had planned to incorporate the step-by-step process of a braided hairstyle on natural hair. I specifically wanted to show the amount of time and effort put into this type of work, so I gave the figure an excessive amount of hair leftover, and added details on the braids to show precision. Braids are one of the most popular protective styles for black women, so I wanted the viewers to understand the time taken, as well as the importance these styles hold to myself.

IMG_8464Skylar Johnson class of 2021

equality by isaiah"Equality" by Isaiah Clayton

I made this piece when all the BLM protests were happening because of the deaths of African-American’s by police officers such as George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Elijah McClain, etc. My intentions in creating this were to show that we are all equal no matter what skin your skin color, ethnicity, or religion. God has created every single one of us in our own unique ways and we all need to love each other as God loves us. Discrimination in this world should never exist, and it takes all of us to get rid of it.

147589820_218325993267131_3544201140736552784_nIsaiah Clayton class of 2022

Click here to bid on one of these limited edition works of art! The auction closes on May 8, 2021. 

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