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Students Share Random Acts of Kindness with the Community

Students Share Random Acts of Kindness with the Community
Feb 25 2021

Many Alumni have asked how our students are doing this past year with distance learning, COVID-19, racial and social injustices, and the election, it is a lot for anyone to process and deal with, let alone someone who is school age. If there is one thing we've learned about our students at Saint Joseph Notre Dame over the past year, it is that they are truly resilient.

In the face of great adversity, our students have remained true to themselves, acted with empathy and compassion, and have continued to lift each other up. One of the many clubs at SJND that really embodies this is the Acts of Random Kindness club.

Students distributing baked goods in the community.

According to club President Sabrina Stone ‘21, “I wanted to help foster a positive and welcoming community through random acts of kindness within our school. I love my club because when we throw activities, it is not only fun for the people organizing it, but also students who get to participate in them. It brings our school virtually together for a short while during this difficult period, which makes all of our hard work as a club completely worthwhile.

Thank you, Acts of Random Kindness club for bringing a smile to all our faces!

To support our students, please consider participating in our Annual Day of Giving! 

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