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2021 Career Day is Here!

Apr 19 2021
Once a year the Alumni Office puts together an afternoon of career sessions and workshops all led.

Silver Linings: Israel Fuentes, SJND '21 on a COVID Senior Year

Apr 15 2021
What do you do when the most anticipated year of high school is turned upside down? While many.

A Year and A Day: Life At Sea with Arlo Rucker, SJND '22.

Apr 13 2021
Swap your home for a sailboat, history class for treks through ancient Polyenesian ruins, and that.

Anti-hate Easter Message from the Principal

Mar 29 2021
During Pope Francis’ Lenten message this year he states, “During this season of conversion, let us.

How to Order your School Lunch

Mar 18 2021
We are excited to partner with the Epicurean Group to provide delicious and nutritious food to our.

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