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From Finance to Films: Bill Victor Arucan, '82, on Reinventing Yourself

Aug 17 2021
How does one go from political science studies at UC Berkeley to award winning film director and.

Festival of Visual Arts Gallery 2020-21

Jun 22 2021
Every year, the Visual Arts Department at SJND hosts the Festival of Visual Arts. Due to distance.

2021 Senior Portfolio Capstone Art Shows

Jun 3 2021
Please enjoy this compilation of artwork that shows the growth and development of three SJND.

Prisms Editor-in-Chief Lisa Ramos, '21, on Art and Community

May 27 2021
Lisa Ramos, class of 2021, has a penchant for poetry. The inspiration arrives in manners not.

Music to the Ears: Issac Li, '22, on the Cello, Culture, and Community

May 20 2021
Issac Li, SJND ‘22, is the school’s sole cellist. Music intrigued him from an early age, with the.

The Gift of Teaching - Didi Kubicek Retires after 41 Years

May 16 2021
When Didi Kubicek first started teaching at SJND, she thought she would stay for three, maybe five.

Ayako Kiener, SJND ‘21, on Art Advocacy

May 15 2021
Coretta Scott King. Angela Davis. Maya Angelou. Stacey Abrams. Bell Hooks. These are some of the.

Student Artwork up for Auction

Apr 30 2021
Select pieces of student art are auctioned off to raise funds for the school. These limited run.

American Scholastic Press Association Awards 1st Place to Prisms

Feb 11 2021
For the second year in a row, SJND’s literary and arts magazine, Prisms, has won First Place with.

The Art of Teaching- Mr. Ritter Wins Award

Sep 27 2020
The California Art Education Association has awarded Mark Ritter, Art Teacher & Visual and.

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