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SJND's We Club: How "WE" Respond to Community Hardship

Nov 12 2021
The WE Club was started by the WE organization with the intention of empowering students globally.

What is Link Crew?

Nov 1 2021
When Bryan McCray, ‘22, arrived at Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School his freshman year, he didn’t.

Tim and Gia DeGrano, '83, Recipients of 2021 Christi Matri Award

Sep 30 2021
One might say that Gia and Tim DeGrano, SJND’s 2021 Christi Matri Award recipients, have no need to.

Drive to Support Afghan Refugees

Sep 23 2021
Please support families from Afghanistan in a way that is compassionate, needed, and manageable..

Leaving the Comfort Zone - JP '22 Receives Boy Scouts Highest Ranking

Aug 31 2021
How does a sixth-grader with no camping experience, little interest in the outdoors and no.

Update Magazine - Summer 2021

Jul 20 2021
Each story in this issue is unique but they all share a common thread. This year challenged us,.

Ayako Kiener, SJND ‘21, on Art Advocacy

May 15 2021
Coretta Scott King. Angela Davis. Maya Angelou. Stacey Abrams. Bell Hooks. These are some of the.

2021 Career Day Recap

May 13 2021
The Alumni Office hosted our first virtual Career Day! From Manhattan to Marina Del Rey and Phoenix.

Get Involved to Stop Hate Crimes

Mar 17 2021
The recent violence against the AAPI (Asian American & Pacific Islander) community is a harsh.

Siddu Bassam, '22, Shares Passion for Programming with the Boys and Girls Club

Mar 8 2021
On a normal Wednesday afternoon, Sidu Bassam, a grade 11 student, would be at the Boys and Girls.

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