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Update from the Principal-School Reopening Plans

Update from the Principal-School Reopening Plans
Mar 1 2021

Thank you to everyone who filled out the hybrid survey last week! The information you provided is helping us ramp up our plans to return to campus. While Alameda County currently remains in the purple tier, we are seeing a decline in overall case numbers and projections show the downward trend will soon have us in the red tier. The Alameda County Public Health Department announced yesterday that we no longer have to wait until the county is in the red tier for five consecutive days to begin our transition to reopen our campus. We are able to begin our transition plans the Wednesday following the announcement of us being in the red tier (usually announced on Tuesday afternoons). In preparation for our reopening, please register for our upcoming school reopening webinar, sign our on-campus waiver form, check out our modified transition week schedule, and find our anticipated return date below.

Re-opening Webinar
You’re invited to join us on Thursday, March 4, at 5:30 PM for a webinar re-capping our reopening plans with a live Q&A for our families. During the webinar we will go over:
  • What to expect in our transition weeks
  • Re-cap of our Hybrid Model
  • Health and safety protocols
  • What happens when someone tests positive for Covid

When: Thursday, March 4 at 5:30 PM
How to Join: Check your emails for the registration link! 
Panelists: Principal Julianne Guevara | Dean of Students Chris Crisolo | Assistant Principal of Academics Jessica Park | Director of Finance Kris Venturini

If you are unable to attend, a recording of the webinar will be provided.

Please take some time to review our School Reopening Document before the webinar, as it has many important points and essential information regarding our plans.

On-campus Waiver
If your student has opted-in to on-campus hybrid learning, you will need to sign and submit the waiver form before they are allowed to return to campus. If you have already submitted your signed form, there is no need to do it again.

Anticipated Return Date
IF the county announces we are in the red tier on March 9 we will begin our transition March 10 with faculty/staff training days. There will be no classes for students for the remainder of the week. We will not transition any sooner than March 10 as to not disrupt learning and instruction and to ensure a smooth transition for the end of the third quarter (March 9).

Transitioning Back to Campus
We will dedicate several days to transition our staff, faculty, and students safely back to in-person learning. March 8 and March 9 will be a two-day distance learning week for students. An updated two-day class schedule will be shared next week. March 10, 11, and 12 will be on-campus training days for faculty and staff, with no classes for students.

We anticipate the week of March 15 will be dedicated to student orientations and students will be on campus for training. No classes will be conducted during this week. To find out when your student will be on campus during transition please refer to the chart sent to your email on Friday, February 26. 

Thank you for being patient, resilient, and steadfast in this ever-changing environment. We are excited about this next phase for our school! A lot of planning, effort, thought, and care has gone into making this transition safe and smooth and I want to thank you all for how far we have come.

Go Pilots! 

Julianne Guevara


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