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Updates on our Anticipated Return to In-Person Learning

Updates on our Anticipated Return to In-Person Learning
Feb 11 2021

Over the past eleven months, we have been busy updating facilities, training staff, and implementing new procedures and policies in anticipation of our return to in-person instruction. With the vaccine roll out and the current downward trend in case positivity numbers, we are hopeful that our return to in-person learning under the Hybrid scenario is in the foreseeable future. If cases continue to decline, we could be looking at a possible return date in March. 

When we return to in-person learning, our school day will look different. The first two weeks will be a transition period where teachers and students will be trained on our new protocols and safety procedures. After our two week transition, we will be entering into our Hybrid learning module with half of our student body on campus each Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. 

Watch our school re-opening webinar and our FAQs


Timeframe for Returning to In-person Learning

Alameda County is currently in the more restrictive, purple tier. Once the county has been in the red tier for five consecutive days we will be allowed to move forward with our Hybrid Learning plans. In short, we do not have a definitive date for when we will return


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Covid-19 Testing

On-site testing provided by PMH Labs will be available for faculty, staff, and students. Students will be able to sign up for testing once we are back in Hybrid. Depending on the student’s club or sport involvement, testing may be required before participating in certain events. More details on testing to come. 



Vaccine rollout is progressing and we are hopeful that having the Oakland Coliseum as a mass vaccination center will speed up our ability to receive the Covid-19 vaccinations. Teachers and school staff are on the 1B tier for receiving the vaccine and we are working closely with local health authorities to help our employees receive the vaccine as quickly as possible. 


Your Plans to Return to Campus

In order to re-open the campus as safely as possible, we need an accurate forecast of how many students will be returning for in-person classes. Please fill out the Returning to In-Person Learning Form (check your email for the form) by Tuesday, February 16th. One form per student is required. If you have multiple students in SJND, please fill out the form for each student. Remember: you can opt-in for in-person instruction only at select points of the year, but you may opt-out at any time. These projected numbers will help us set up the school facilities, obtain the necessary equipment, secure staffing, and plan for the overall health and safety of our community. 

As we move closer to our return date, you will be receiving ongoing communication and continued updates about what to expect. Once we enter the red tier, we will be re-submitting our School Reopening Document to the county. Your responses on the form will help us refine our reopening plans, so please complete it as soon as possible. You will also be receiving an update on our athletics program in the next couple of days. 

We look forward to welcoming everyone back on campus but understand that the reality we face today is a complex one. Each family has its own needs, fears, and concerns. We want to support you during this time, if you have any questions or need to speak to someone, please use the feedback space provided on the survey. 

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